Приклади використання Spine

Spine використовують по всьому світу і видавці з багатомільйонними бюджетами, і невеликі ігрові студії, і незалежні розробники. Нижче наведено приклади використання Spine у мобільних іграх та іграх для настільних комп'ютерів, в інтерактивних оповіданнях, фільмах, мультиках, коміксах і спецефектах.

Spine was the backbone of our art and animation pipeline on Return To Monkey Island. All the animators and artists loved using it, as it really allowed us to focus on our craft, and work fast enough that we could throw in extra ideas and polish. I just don’t think it would have been possible to make Return To Monkey Island, with it’s huge cast of animated characters, locations, and cut-scenes, using any other 2D software!Rex Crowle, Art Director for Return to Monkey Island
Thanks to Spine we've made great performance in our game and minimized the size of the build as much as possible. All the characters together with the animation are less than 6% of the build size.Alexey Gulev & Alexander Titkov, Bring Me Cakes
The Spine Mesh system, allowed us to give a convincing 3D look to our designs, and to smear key poses into nervous animations.Magic Design Studios
We were able to quickly create movements for 2D characters. When revising the motion, it was helpful that we could make adjustments to bones and change timing in the dopesheet without needing to waste time redrawing, as we do for hand drawn animations.Masayuki Onoue, Director
Using Spine, we boosted our production speed while keeping the quality as high as possible.Sabri Nasit Batllo, Bee Square

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