Import PSDs directly, no Photoshop scripts needed

February 24th, 2024

We've just released Spine 4.2.10-beta where we've added the ability for the Spine editor to process PSDs directly. This is great for many reasons:

  • You are no longer forced to use Photoshop -- use any image editor that can save a PSD file.
  • All the tags from the PhotoshopToSpine script are supported.
  • It is much faster! On a large PSD (200MB, 215 layers) it finishes in about 25% of the time (6 seconds versus 23) compared to the PhotoshopToSpine script.
  • Process the PSD and import it into Spine in one step.

To try it out, go to Import Data and choose a PSD file:

There are other great things in the 4.2.10-beta changelog:

  • Constraint folders make it easier to use and organize many constraints, especially great for physics.
  • Draw order folders make it easier to organize your slots so you don't have one very long list to deal with.
  • Lots of important fixes and improvements.

Quick overview of the new Spine PSD Import and Slot and Constraints folders:

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